[Image-SIG] PNG metadata, patches, etc

Nick Galbreath nickg at modp.com
Wed Aug 29 06:22:45 CEST 2007

Hi all,

While not well advertised, PIL 1.1.6 supports reading __and writing__ of PNG
metadata.  This means, you can "tag" your images with the creation data, the
editor, the original source file, copyright information, anything.  I know,
exciting stuff.

The catch is that you can't use Image.save directly, but have to copy
metadata into a "secret" object (well _I_ didn't find it documented, maybe I
missed it) and pass that to Image.save.  (if you use Image.save directly,
all metadata is lost).


# wrapper around PIL 1.1.6 Image.save to preserve PNG metadata
# public domain, Nick Galbreath
# http://blog.modp.com/2007/08/python-pil-and-png-metadata-take-2.html
def pngsave(im, file):
    # these can be automatically added to Image.info dict
    # they are not user-added metadata
    reserved = ('interlace', 'gamma', 'dpi', 'transparency', 'aspect')

    # undocumented class
    from PIL import PngImagePlugin
    meta = PngImagePlugin.PngInfo()

    # copy from Image.info to new dict
    for k,v in im.info.iteritems():
        if k in reserved: continue
        meta.add_text(k, v, 0)

    # and save
    im.save(file, "PNG", pnginfo=meta)

Ideally, i'd love to "fix" PngImagePlugin.py to write out metadata, and/or
be able to read the zTXt chunks (especially since there is code to write
zTXt chunks).

I'm happy to work on an "official patch" -- there is more than one way to do
it and since this issue has come up a few times (see below), I'm wondering
what the right protocol is, or if it's already been done in mainline?



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