[Image-SIG] How to add a frame + caption to another image?

Dave LeCompte dave at leviathangames.com
Mon Feb 19 17:35:00 CET 2007

Matthew Wilson wrote:
> Later on, I'd like to dynamically add any arbitrary text to the bottom of
> the image.  I suspect this is straightforward also.

I recently needed to add attributions to a directoryful of images:

    font=ImageFont.truetype("arial.ttf", 15)
    labelImage=Image.new("RGBA", sz, (0,0,0,0))
    labelDraw.text((0,0),att,fill=(250,250,0), font=font)
    del labelDraw

    # n.b. use the label image's alpha channel as the mask for the paste

This code draws text in yellow vertically down the image from the upper 
left. In my actual script, I position the text a little more pleasingly.

The only interesting thing that's going on there is that if you omit the 
"mask" argument to the "paste" method call:


you end up overwriting the image with transparent pixels, which is probably 
not what you're interested in.

The subject suggests you're also interested in adding a frame around an 
image - I'd probably do this something like so:

    framedImage=Image.new("RGB", framedSize, frameColor)
    framedImage.paste(srcImage, offset)

Hope this helps,
Dave LeCompte 

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