[Image-SIG] kinda patch for better iptc keyword support in PIL

Charlie irgendetwas at charlie.at
Wed Feb 28 17:47:08 CET 2007


having just started in python I naturally started writing my own image
gallery program. what else ;-)

Trying to minimise the dependencies I started using the iptc support in
PIL, but ran into a 'bug' in the keyword retrieval. iptc allows multile
keyword entries and the PIL iptc handler only stores the last entry it

By making changes in 
PIL IptcImagePlugin.py
  class IptcImageFile 

I now get a comma separated list (works for me, but is not standard
Code changes were only between the two comments. 

I am sure that there are better ways of doing this in python,
unfortunately I do not know them (yet). 

        # load descriptive fields
        t225 = ''
            while 1:
                offset = self.fp.tell()
                tag, size = self.field()
                if not tag or tag == (8,10):
                if size:
                    if tag != (2,25):
                        self.info[tag] = self.fp.read(size)
			if t225 != '':
                            t225 += ','
                        t225 += str(self.fp.read(size))
                    self.info[tag] = None
                print tag #, self.info[tag]

        except (IndexError, KeyError):
            pass # expected failure

        if t225 != '':
        	print 't225', t225
        	self.info[(2, 25)] = t225
        # mode


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