[Image-SIG] installation problem for imaging 1.1.6 on ubuntu 6.06

Michele Petrazzo michele.petrazzo at unipex.it
Fri Jan 5 17:28:09 CET 2007

sittner at lkb.ens.fr wrote:
> Hello everyone and happy new year,

Also to you :)

> i am trying to install imaging 1.1.5 on my ubuntu 6.06 machine, and i
> get this message:

A couple of questions:
- why the 1.1.5? There is the 1.1.6
- why by sources? ubuntu hasn't the pil package from its repository?
   on Debian:
   michele:~$ apt-cache search python imaging
- have you installed the libc6 (I think, or libc5) -dev package?
   always on debian:
   michele:~$ dpkg -L libc6-dev | grep limits

So, reading your error, I see a lot of "No such file or directory", so
install the python-dev, libc6-dev and so on...
Or (better solution), apt-get install python-imaging!


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