[Image-SIG] Video Feedback Emulation

Ior Bock lab_monkey at mail2world.com
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Thanks Chris,

That helps steer me in the right direction for tool selection. What Im
specifically stuck on however, is a basic idea on how
to do emulate video feedback.....

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You'll need to be a little more clear about what you're asking:

1) how to call a python program from VB -- I have no idea, try 
comp.lang.python, or a PyWin32 mailing list if there is one. Although 
calling a python program as a command line program from VB should be 
trivial -- but why use Python for that? Why not go all the way?

2) How to do this all in Python -- If you want a GUI, you need to choose
a toolkit first -- I recommend wxPython, but TkInter, PYGTK, PyQT, etc 
are good options, too.

3) How to do the image generation/manipulation -- then PIL (and this 
list) may be the best place, but you could also just do it straight with
the GUI toolkit (wxPython anyway). You might also want to use the 
"numpy" package -- it's a good way to manipulate arrays of numbers.

4) If you want the equivalent of video feedback, but without actual 
images, just numbers, then numpy is definitely a good way to go.

If I wanted to write a program that demonstrated video feedback, I'd 
probably do the number crunching with numpy, and make a GUI to display 
and manipulate the results in wxPython. I'm not sure where VB would fit 
into this.

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