[Image-SIG] PIL 1.1.6 gotcha; Image.frombuffer

Russell E Owen rowen at cesmail.net
Tue Jan 16 22:32:55 CET 2007

My python code started generating warnings when used with PIL 1.1.6 in 
Image.frombuffer. The warning says to specify all arguments, to avoid 
problems when a default will change. But either the warning is wrong or 
I misread it because I thought it said:

Image.frombuffer(mode, shape, data, "raw", mode, 0, 1)

But when I did this my images were upside down. The final 1 should be -1 
if you want the old default behavior. In other words:

Image.frombuffer(mode, size, data)

should be changed to:

Image.frombuffer(mode, size, data, "raw", mode, 0, -1)

-- Russell

P.S. it would be a big help if the manual were explicit about what the 
old default orientation was for frombuffer (beyond just warning that it 
may change).

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