[Image-SIG] Image matching

Rodrigo Senra rsenra at acm.org
Sat Jan 20 17:12:55 CET 2007

On 18Jan 2007, at 12:18 PM, sanket jalan wrote:

> Hi there !!
> Actually I am new to the field of Digital Image processing and I  
> have to make a project in which I have to compare any input images  
> with those in the database and give results according to the degree  
> of similarity.

Color similarity, shape similarity, semantics ?

Try studying these python-based projects:

- ImgSeek [1]
   """imgSeek is a photo collection manager and viewer with
   content-based search and many other features."""

- SOM [2, 3]

For a broader view, check the Wikipedia [4].

[1] http://www.imgseek.net/
[2] http://rtshiva.wordpress.com/2006/08/27/som-content-based-image- 
[3] http://generation5.org/content/2004/aiSomPic.asp
[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CBIR

>  As I was thinking to apply edge detection then thresholding and  
> after that comparison of this image. but I am not sure. Is this the  
> best possible way?

Even though DIP is not my field, I beleive content-based image  
retrieval is
still an open problem.


Rodrigo Senra
rsenra @ acm.org

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