[Image-SIG] How to write a text to an image

Terry Carroll carroll at tjc.com
Wed Jan 24 07:10:32 CET 2007

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 export at hope.cz wrote:

> Is it possible to write a text , by using PIL, to a bottom corner of an
> image? Is there any doc/tutorial for that?

I use this routine (in a little app I wrote to extract the date a photo
was taken from its EXIF data, and add it to the bottom corner)

def Imprint(im, inputtext, font=None, color=None, opacity=.6, margin=(30,30)):
    imprints a PIL image with the indicated text in lower-right corner
    if im.mode != "RGBA":
        im = im.convert("RGBA")
    textlayer = Image.new("RGBA", im.size, (0,0,0,0))
    textdraw = ImageDraw.Draw(textlayer)
    textsize = textdraw.textsize(inputtext, font=font)
    textpos = [im.size[i]-textsize[i]-margin[i] for i in [0,1]]
    textdraw.text(textpos, inputtext, font=font, fill=color)
    if opacity != 1:
        textlayer = ReduceOpacity(textlayer,opacity)
    return Image.composite(textlayer, im, textlayer)

The ReduceOpacity method is the one from this recipe:


Which inspired my app in the first place

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