[Image-SIG] Newb help... can't install the PIL extension libraries

Paul PMF at kingswood.bath.sch.uk
Thu Jan 25 11:52:18 CET 2007



I'm very new to linux (2 days!) but have been using Python on windows
for a few weeks now. I would like to install PIL on my linux (ubuntu)
machine but am having all sorts of trouble following the readme, I get a
ton of errors when trying to run the build.py. Mostly cannot find
directory errors, but there are others thrown in for good measure.


This is my first attempt at importing a library within linux.


I unzipped the tar file into my user space...




which I created myself. This is where I'm going wrong I presume. The
readme said that I could create my own directory, so I'm confused.


Should I unzip it & build it somewhere else?


Any help greatly appreciated, many thanks.



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