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Alexander 'boesi' Bösecke boesi.josi at gmx.net
Mon Jan 29 19:44:24 CET 2007


Am 25.01.2007 22:55:10 schrieb Ken Seehart:

> Maybe what the world needs is a set of webcam drivers wrapped up into
> a single platform- independent PIL compatible python module, that
> could then be wrapped into a Kamelia component.  Anyone else
> interested in such a project?  I can't believe such a thing doesn't
> already exist.

Oh yeah I'm really interested in such a thing. At the moment I'm using
pyVideo [1], but this is a bit unstable and it doesn't offer a method to
set the resolution directly. Video Capture instead doesn't have an
useable preview. 

So I was thinking of coding a new "Video Capture Module", that can be
extended by drivers for different cameras and capture boards - I think
especially about the products from [2].

But I can only start the work, if I get paid for it. Well and at the
moment there is less money for the related projects. But when the money
flows again, I will truly start such a module and release it as open
source. And if somebody else will start something, I would contribute to
it ...

cu boesi

[1] http://www.geocities.com/rtrocca/python/
[2] http://www.ids-imaging.de/?&changeLang=e

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