[Image-SIG] AVHRR snow cover product

Vincent Schut schut at sarvision.nl
Wed Jul 25 09:51:38 CEST 2007

Hi Michael,

I don't know the algorithm you mention, but regarding reading/writing RS 
raster data I'd say: check out gdal: www.gdal.org. It's the Geospatial 
Data Abstraction Layer library, which effectively enables you to read 
and write many common (and uncommon) RS / GIS data formats. It has 
python bindings.
Furtermore, I'd say do your processing in Numpy, not in PIL (sorry 
guys). Numpy is a bit more flexible imho regarding generic raster 
processing. Gdal can directly read your raster data as numpy arrays.
If you are on linux, hopefully your distro has these as packages. If you 
are on windows, you could look into FWTools, which is a package that 
contains gdal and some more related programs/libraries, including python 
I think, and maybe even numpy (I'm not on windows, so I'm not sure).
Do some googling on these, you'll find them.
Both gdal as numpy have mailing lists with usually friendly people that 
answer relatively quickly; it might be worth the effort to read some 
archive pages and/or subscribe to them.

Good luck!


Michael Clancy wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am a new python user, who has got himself on the short side of a 
> temporal deadline. I am conducting a fractional snow cover analysis 
> using the AVTREE algorithm developed by Southwest Regional Earth Science 
> Applications Center. I currently have the algorithm however it is coded 
> in C and I am unable to execute the code. I am hoping to use python to 
> carry out the analysis. As a new python user and a relatively 
> inexperienced programmer I am hoping that someone may be able to guide 
> me in the right direction as how to use python to execute this 
> algorithm. Does any one have code they may be willing to share on the 
> import handling and export of avhrr data? I have been unable to find an 
> examples of python code using AVHRR data. Any knowledge anyone is 
> willing to share is greatly appreciated.
> Michael Clancy
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