[Image-SIG] Debug builds and VC8

Howard Lightstone howard at eegsoftware.com
Wed Mar 14 22:29:42 CET 2007

I have somehow gotten myself into rebuilding everything with 
VC8 .....

The setup.py script builds all the imaging .pyd successfully, 
including some debug builds.

BUT, the debug builds still use the non-debug libraries for the 
subsidiary elements (zlib, freetype, jpeg).

When trying to use the debug builds, Microsoft *nicely* reports 
that the pyd do not have manifests (enclosed), then abort.  I 
assume this is because of the mix of regular and debug C 

Is there any plan for adding the &^%* manifests*&^% to the 
builds or should I start kludging in something for them?  
The TCL dlls already do this but they use makefiles. 

Any pointers on where to go next?

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