[Image-SIG] PSD support help

Concussion GFX - Tim tim at concussion.cc
Wed Sep 5 22:34:31 CEST 2007

hey list!

Is there any info on an updated plugin for PSD's (greater then version 3?)

I have been playing around with PSD's in pil for the last couple of days 
and it has been hit and miss with getting PSD files to load. After 
digging a little deeper it turns out that if the bottom most layer 
(layer 0 i presume) has transparency, then it will not load the PSD 
file. If I create a new layer with a solid fill and move it to the 
bottom,save the PSD, then the PSD will load.

If I comment out the following line, the PSD will load, but the channels 
are not lined up correctly.
Also if there is an extra channel in the file, i get the same 'not 
lined-up' error in the rendered image.

self.layers = _layerinfo(self.fp)

Have a look at this jpg to see how the PSD are being displayed.


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