[Image-SIG] An algorithm to find connected groups of pixels

Jeffrey Wise jefflwise at verizon.net
Thu Sep 27 08:30:53 CEST 2007


I'm in my first week with PIL and doing well - it's a tremendous library!
I've gotten to the point in my image analysis that I need to find all the
groups of connected pixels in an image.  These groups form arbitrary shapes
in the image.  I want to preserve the shape information for each group, so I
can compare/analyze/categorize... it later.  

The image is composed of pixels of value 0 or 255 in "L" B&W format.  I
assume such an algorithm will need to find a pixel of value 255 and then
check in every direction about it for a neighbor that is 255 too.  The
algorithm would presumably recurse to find neighbors of the neighbor, etc.
I suspect the trick in this algorithm is the data structures needed to keep
track of the discovered adjacencies.  I have loaded the image into the 2D
array-like accessor, so I have free access to each pixel.

I haven't noticed such an algorithm in the PIL yet; maybe I've missed it.
Or perhaps there is Python code available to do this algorithm? Any ideas?

.Jeff Wise

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