[Image-SIG] Screen Capture in Linux and Windows

George Rice george.f.rice at gmail.com
Sat Aug 16 05:05:29 CEST 2008

I need to capture and then manipulate screen images from Python, under both
(Gnome) Linux and Windows XP / Vista. PIL captures only Windows screen
images; ImageMagick (for example) captures only Linux screen images. I
cannot find a library or command line utility that can capture and
manipulate screen images on both platforms.

If I use PIL only on Windows and ImageMagick only on Linux, I'll have to
write the manipulation code twice. Ugly.

Or, I could require ImageMagick only on Linux, but do all manipulation in
PIL for both platforms (or vice versa) - but ImageMagick is a pretty heavy
utility only to capture a screen image.

Or, I could dust off my C coding skills and try to implement a patch for PIL
to give it Linux screen capture capability. This would be more useful to
more people, but would dramatically affect my schedule.

Am I missing an option or cross-platform library / utility in my research?
Is anyone already adding Linux screen capture to PIL in an upcoming release?
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