[Image-SIG] Memory Error

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Feb 4 18:00:47 CET 2008

Dennis Kepler wrote:

> I seem to be having a memory problem, except all I'm doing is applying a 
> contrast enhancement to a .tiff or .jpg. I get this error: *return 
> im1._new(core.blend(im1.im, im2.im, alpha)) MemoryError*
> ** 
> The JPEG is about 45mb.
> The TIFF is about 600mb.
> My code looks like this:
> import sys, os
> import glob, time
> import Image, ImageDraw, ImageFont
> import ImageEnhance
> os.chdir('D:/Ortho/jpg_outputs/cem/test/')
> #set image list by a glob search
> img_list = glob.glob('*.jpg')
> # Start the loop of the images to be resized
> for img in img_list:
>     name = img
>     im = Image.open(img)
>     enh = ImageEnhance.Contrast(im)
>     enh.enhance(1.3).show("30% more contrast")
> #Save full resolution jpeg
>     try:
>         im.save('D:/ortho/jpg_outputs/cem/test/output/' + name[0:8] + 
> ".jpg")
>     except IOError:
>         print "cannot export", name
> Any ideas?

use the windows task manager to check how quickly memory grows; do you 
run out of memory after one images, five, ten?  how much memory does 
each loop need?

also, note that ImageEnhance isn't a very memory efficient way to 
process large images; the constructor makes *two* copies of the source 
image, and the enhance method generates a third one.  try using the 
"point" method instead.


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