[Image-SIG] ANN: PHATCH, a PHoto bATCH processor and renamer based on PIL

Stani spe.stani.be at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 20:27:02 CET 2008

As a visual artist I needed an easy tool for batch processing images
on Ubuntu. For a while I was using ImageMagick, but I found writing
complex operations on the command line quite a hassle and wanted to
write the image operations in python.

As a result I'm pleased to announce the release of Phatch which is a
powerful batch processor and renamer. Phatch exposes a big part of the
Python Imaging Library through an user friendly GUI. (It is using
python-pyexiv2 to offer more extensive EXIF and IPTC support.) Phatch
is not targeted at manipulating individual pictures (such as with
Gimp), but repeating the same actions on hundreds or thousands of

If you know PIL and have some nice recipes laying around, it is very
easy to write plugins as Phatch generates the corresponding GUI
automagically just like in Django. Any existings PIL scripts can be
added very easily. Let me know if you want to contribute or have any

Homepage: http://photobatch.stani.be (free download link below)
Tutorials: http://photobatch.wikidot.com/tutorials
Translations: https://translations.launchpad.net/phatch/trunk/+pots/phatch
License: GPLv3
Screenshot: http://photobatch.wikidot.com/local--files/start/Screenshot-Phatch3d.jpg
(the perspective and reflection is produced by Phatch itself)

Phatch has many features, like:
- EXIF information inspector with thumbnail
- limit jpeg file size when saving
- tons of actions organized by tags (including perspective, round
corners, shadow, reflection, ...)
- console version (Phatch can now run without a gui on servers)
- batch rename and copy files based on exif metadata
- data stamping (http://photobatch.wikidot.com)
- online documentation wiki (http://photobatch.wikidot.com)

Linux only features:
- desktop or panel droplets on which images or folders can be dropped
(will be ported to Windows & Mac)
- Nautilus and desktop integration (with its own mime type and
nautilus extension)
- manpage with examples

With python-pyexiv2 the following featues are added:
- embedding the original EXIF and IPTC tags in the image

All actions mostly have a separate pil function in their source code,
so they could be read as a recipe book for PIL:
* Auto Contrast - Maximize image contrast
* Background - Put colour under transparent image
* Border - Crop or add border to all sides
* Brightness - Adjust brightness from black to white
* Canvas - Crop the image or enlarge canvas without resizing the image
* Colorize - Colorize grayscale image
* Common - Copies the most common pixel value
* Contrast - Adjust from grey to black & white
* Convert Mode - Convert the color mode of an image (grayscale, RGB,
* Copy - Copy image file
* Effect - Blur, Sharpen, Emboss, Smooth, …
* Equalize - Equalize the image histogram
* Fit - Downsize and crop image with fixed ratio
* Grayscale - Fade all colours to gray
* Invert - Invert the colors of the image (negative)
* Maximum - Copies the maximum pixel value
* Mask - Apply a transparency mask
* Median - Copies the median pixel value
* Minimum - Copies the minimum pixel value
* Offset - Offset by distance and wrap around
* Posterize - Reduce the number of bits of colour channel
* Perspective - Shear 2d or 3d
* Rank - Copies the rank'th pixel value
* Reflect - Drops a reflection
* Rename - Rename image file
* Rotate - Rotate with random angle
* Round - Round or crossed corners with variable radius and corners
* Saturation - Adjust saturation from grayscale to high
* Save - Save an image with variable compression in different types
* Scale - Scale an image with different resample filters.
* Shadow - Drop a blurred shadow under a photo with variable position,
blur and color
* Solarize - Invert all pixel values above threshold
* Text - Write text at a given position
* Transpose - Flip or rotate an image by 90 degrees
* Watermark - Apply a watermark image with variable placement (offset,
scaling, tiling) and opacity

I develop Phatch on Ubuntu/Linux, but I have tested and polished it
regularly on Windows and Mac Os X. (Only the droplet functionality
needs to be ported.) Phatch is submitted to Debian, and if accepted
will be available in all Debian derivate distributions such as Ubuntu.

- PIL 1.1.5 or higher
- wxPython 2.6 or higher
- pyexiv2 (optional)
- python nautilus bindings (optional)

Best regards,

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