[Image-SIG] image math

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Feb 14 21:09:28 CET 2008

Greg Fiske wrote:
> I'm a new python user, so pardon my simple question.  I'd like to
> do some simple raster math within Python.  For example, I'd like
> to read in 2 Geotiffs and add one to the other -- creating a new
> output Geotiff.  I've experimented with the gdal and Numpy
> libraries, but I haven't made much progress on my own. 

If you're working with geotiffs, then you're right, numpy and GDAL are 
the way to go. I'd send this note to GDAL list. If your math gets more 
complicated, then the numpy list will be helpful.

You should be able to find a set of samples written in python called 
"python samples". Also, some of the utilities that come with GDAL are 
written in python -- they are a good place to start.


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