[Image-SIG] library for image processing in 3D

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Mon Feb 25 18:22:35 CET 2008

derobill Q. wrote:
> This project concerns 3D segmentation which need algorithms to filter 
> the 3d data image (like 3D median filter or anisotropic diffusion 
> filter),  to slice the 3d volume in all the direction (cut plan). Maybe 
> growing algorithms late in the project. A scriptible visualization tool 
> or library where I can see the 3D data and the result of the 
> segmentation which is a meta-data (.VRML format typically). I checked 
> for Mayavi2, but I get some problem to install it on windows with the 
> enthought eggs.

This really looks like a job for Mayavi, (or VTK, which Mayavi is built 
on) -- I'd try hard to sort our your install issues.


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