[Image-SIG] Poor Image Quality When Resizing a GIF

douglas bagnall douglas at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jan 10 00:34:07 CET 2008

Andy McCurdy <andy at andymccurdy.com> wrote:

> I interpreted your response as a setting to change to make this
> specific image resize better.  I'm using PIL to resize images that
> users upload to my website.  Since I don't have control over the
> media, I need generic settings that will be good for all users.  What
> settings would you suggest to be best for all images, not just the
> example I provided?

Using palette=Image.ADAPTIVE will be better for all images unless the
images are already in the web palette, or the viewers are from 1995
and have 256 colour displays.  Both of these are unlikely, and in any
case the adaptive system will work well enough for them. It will be
slower though.


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