[Image-SIG] writing TGAs?

Joao S. O. Bueno gwidion at mpc.com.br
Wed Jan 23 00:20:41 CET 2008

On Tuesday 22 January 2008 20:01, Adam Pletcher wrote:
> Does anyone know if writing .TGA files will be supported in a
> future release?
> That would sure help me out, at least.

Hi there.

I am a coder, and work as a freelancer. I don't  know  if TGA support 
is supposed to be added to PIL - I'd say that not since TGA is no 
longer a popular format.  

However, as we are dealing with Free Software,  you could hire someone 
to write this support for a fee.   It even be cheap - and therefore 
you'd have he feature you need, and donate it to the World.

Other options would be using other python-2d image libraries. I don't 
know if any besides  GIMP-Python can  write TGAs though, and that one 
must be run as  a GIMP plug-in (so, you need to fire up a GIMP 


> Adam Pletcher
> Technical Art Director
> Volition/THQ

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