[Image-SIG] Reading EXIF ExposureBiasValue tag with PIL

Yannick Gingras ygingras at ygingras.net
Sun Mar 2 21:00:47 CET 2008

  I'm using PIL to process jpeg images according to EXIF tags.  It works
great except that I can't access the ExposureBiasValue tag.  I tried
images from a Sony H9 and from a Nikon L10.  I uploaded one of the
offending pictures on my website:

  http://ygingras.net/files/dsc01970.jpg  (2.2MB)

Digiakam, exiv2, and EXIF.py all read the ExposureBiasValue properly:
-1.0.  I looked at the code in PIL/JpegImagePlugin.py but my limited
understanding of the EXIF format prevents me from seeing any obvious
bugs or to compare with another implementation.

Anyone else have this problem?  Is there a workaround?

Yannick Gingras

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