[Image-SIG] PIL Image.load() doesn't return pixel array

Christopher Brooks cab938 at mail.usask.ca
Sun Mar 2 20:25:50 CET 2008


I've been using PIL a fair bit lately and am really liking it - it's great
to have such a library available.  The docs suggest that im.load() should
return a pixel access object, but this doesn't actually seem to always work.
Sometimes I get the object, sometimes I get a None back.

In particular, it seems when I take an image, run a crop() on it, then a
load() on it, I'll tend to get the None back.  I can probably drum up an
example of this if it is useful, but I'm wondering if there are any caveats
of the load() method that are not listed in the docs?

This was all done on python 2.5 on both linux/windows, without a difference
in result...


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