[Image-SIG] Bitonal documents in TIFF, PDF and JBIG2 formats

Vladimir Boiko xvel at gmx.com
Sun Mar 23 21:26:55 CET 2008

Good Day

XVEL Software just released new version of professional batch binarization software called Binarization Image Processor. 
It may be of interest to you since this program dramatically saves time when preparing high-quality bitonal documents in TIFF, PDF and JBIG2 formats.

Created especially for professionals involved with paper and microfilm scanning and digitization, Binarization Image Processor (BIP) use of cutting-edge techniques including dynamic thresholding, 
local area adaptive binarization and OCR preparation thresholding to binarize images is what sets it apart from the rest of the competition. 

New version (1.24) enables preprocessing of color and grey-scale images. Now you can deskew, rotate, mirror and negate colors of image before binarizing it. 

BIP automatically saves all changes eliminating the need to perform redundant actions like confirming image saves. Elimination of this redundancy alone generates a time savings of up to 90%. 

Please download the fully-functioning free tryout version of BIP now using this link:


and visit BIP's official web-site at: http://binarize.xvel.com/

Thank you for having interest in Binarization Image Processor software!

Best Regards,
 Vladimir Boiko
 XVEL Software              mailto:support at xvel.com

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