[Image-SIG] im.show does not show, and Tkinter isn't displaying my jpg image

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sun Mar 30 14:34:38 CEST 2008

Stanley Sokolow wrote:

> I figured out my problem with my application itself, which now displays my
> jpg in my GUI just fine on both XP and Vista, but the question remains why
> the simple test case using the show() method on the image object does not
> display anything in Vista but does in XP.  I posted a message on this sig
> indicating that it seems to be a bug in PIL which might not be passing the
> temp file name to Vista the way that Vista expects.   I'll leave it for
> developers to track down.

I haven't tested PIL 1.1.6 on Vista myself, and don't have convenient 
access to a Vista machine with a development environment (exactly zero 
percent of my clients that use Windows have migrated to Vista, or are 
planning to do that in the foreseeable future).

patches are welcome (preferably patches that work on both XP and Vista)


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