[Image-SIG] pil sightings

Joao S. O. Bueno gwidion at mpc.com.br
Sun Sep 14 23:31:04 CEST 2008

Hi Stani!

Nice job!!  :-)

I had forwarded the news on the coin to the Brazillian python mailing list, 
and people got quite amused tehre as well.

BTW, this week Brazilian's PyCon will take place,  if you want I think could 
display some coin images/other data as a lightning talk on your behalf.

Great to hear from you on this unsuspected way.  :-)

Since next years' LGM is being scheduled to take place in Amsterdam, I guess I 
will meet you there again.


On Sunday 14 September 2008, Stani wrote:
> Hi Fredrik,
> At the moment I am working hard with the Royal Dutch Mint to produce the
> coin. It is quite fascinating to see money making from the secret
> inside.
> When the stress is over, I might do a blog post about the whole
> experience and some higher resolution images, as the current ones are
> lacking details. The coin is for 90% made with python, PIL & pycairo.
> Some touches were done with Gimp & Inkscape. So no one should doubt any
> longer that you can make money with free software ;-)
> Fredrik, don't worry about ordering a coin, if you email me your postal
> address, I'll happily ship one to you. Most of my work as a visual
> artist is PIL powered, so I owe you that one ;-)
> Other people will be able to order it from the coinshop of the Royal
> Dutch Mint (link at bottom), but probably it will be sold out quite
> fast:
> http://en.knm.nl/domains/knm/pages/article.asp?content=11720000000909_999_1
> Best regards,
> Stani
> PS For the curious, the following link is the reason why I started
> learning PIL in 2002. It's a cross-over between 'The Birds' of Hitchcock
> and Vanitas paintings:
> (Those of you familiar with Chernobyl might recognize the silhouet.)
> Op vrijdag 12-09-2008 om 17:51 uur [tijdzone +0200], schreef Fredrik
> Lundh:
> > this definitely made my day:
> >
> >    http://vanrees.org/weblog/archive/2008/09/12/python-calculated-coin
> >
> > excellent work, stani.  and congrats for winning!
> >
> > (just wish I could figure out how to order one from here ;-)
> >
> > </F>
> >
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