[Image-SIG] PIL - XVThumbImagePlugin infinite loop bugfix

Nikolai Ugelvik nikolai at netlife.no
Fri Sep 19 13:27:33 CEST 2008


The PIL module XVThumbImagePlugin.py has an issue with XVThumb files 
that do not include #END_OF_COMMENTS (or a comment section at all). I'm 
not quite sure if the problem is an invalid file (is the comment 
required?), but we encountered a file like this. Anyway, the result is 
XVThumbImagePlugin being stuck in an infinite loop. The patch supports 
files without comments and/or comment sections without #END_OF_COMMENTS.

Attached is a diff against XVThumbImagePlugin.py from PIL version 1.1.6. 
(I didn't figure out where else to send the diff.)

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