[Image-SIG] Aggdraw: curveto()

Yanone post at yanone.de
Wed Sep 24 13:46:37 CEST 2008

hello everyone,

it seems that this is a known problem: the curveto() function of  
aggdraw draws straight lines instead of curves, ignoring the given  
bezier control points. the last post i found about this dates back to  
march 2006, and even the developer version of aggdraw via svn didn't  
change this.
if i could code in C i would have a look at it myself, but i'm helpless.

could this somehow be solved?
or is there any other way of drawing postscript curves into an image?  
the Path() method of reportlab's renderPM isn't implemented yet and i  
would like to refrain from generating a PDF file and the turn it into  
an image through imagemagick or something as i need this for a server  

many thanks and best regards, yanone

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