[Image-SIG] proper type of image objects

Guy K. Kloss g.kloss at massey.ac.nz
Mon Apr 13 05:01:58 CEST 2009


I'm currently working on extending the ctypes based LCMS bindings, and I want 
to support PIL image types natively inside the doTransform() method on a 
Transform object.

Anyway, for that task I need to distinguish between different valid object 
types for the input buffer to decide which action to take. For NumPy arrays 
that works nicely, but I don't know how to distinguish properly whether I'm 
dealing with a PIL.Image type object. Below you can find some of the 
tinkerings of the "obvious" candidates.

So far it seems as if only the last one gives me a viable option, but it 
doesn't strike me as being very pythonic, elegant or even clean in the code.

Any suggestions?


>>> type(a_numpy_array)
<type 'numpy.ndarray'>
>>> isinstance(a_numpy_array, numpy.ndarray)
>>> type(a_pil_image)
<type 'instance'>
>>> isinstance(a_pil_image, instance)
NameError: name 'instance' is not defined
>>> isinstance(inImage, PIL.Image)
TypeError: isinstance() arg 2 must be a class, type, or tuple of classes and 
>>> isinstance(a_pil_image, PIL.PngImagePlugin.PngImageFile)
>>> str(a_pil_image.__class__).startswith('PIL.')

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