[Image-SIG] ANN: PIL 1.1.7 beta 1 (April 12, 2009)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Apr 13 22:55:15 CEST 2009

PIL 1.1.7 beta 1 for Python 2.X is now available.  Source code can be
downloaded from the Mercurial main repository:


If you're using Mercurial, you can use "hg clone" to download a copy:

   hg clone -r pil-117b1-20090412 http://hg.effbot.org/pil-2009-raclette/

This release adds read support for interlaced PNG files, from Conrado
Porto Lopes Gouvêa, and the usual collection of minor tweaks and
fixes.  The result should be pretty close to release candidate status.

Subversion & tarball source kits will be made available later this
week, as will Windows builds for various Python versions.


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