[Image-SIG] problem with numpy.asarray and PIL

Guy K. Kloss g.kloss at massey.ac.nz
Wed Aug 5 21:52:24 CEST 2009

On Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:57:42 you wrote:
> Note that there's been some changes to the numpy interface in 1.1.7,
> which was recently tagged for release, even though I haven't gotten
> around to cut the tarballs just yet:
>    http://hg.effbot.org/pil-2009-raclette/src/pil-117/

One of the biggest problems for the Linux community is, that (at least with 
Ubuntu) the realeases still feature 1.1.6. Also the upcoming Karmic (9.10) 
still features the 1.1.6 version, and I doubt it will be upgraded to 1.1.7 in 
time for release. I'd guess it's frozen already. So, we're going to face for 
almost another year these troubles of the 1.1.6 release out with the broad 
users of PIL. And I can understand the resistance to just go and install 
alternative versions versions past the package management on a broad number of 
systems (e. g. for universities).

That's nothing against your efforts Fredrik, that's just an explanation why 
you/we will have to face more ongoing usage of outdated package versions.


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