[Image-SIG] IOError: decoder jpeg not available

Elias Fotinis efotinis at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 11 18:06:10 CEST 2009

From: Ryan Newton
> I'm new to python and to learn more I've been working through python
> challenge.

Aaaarghhh!!! Python Challenge? I tried that a couple of years ago and it
almost drove me insane! INSANE!!!11! (almost)

> I needed PIL a few levels ago, and encountered this error, but was able to
> work around it. Now I don't see any way, and everything I try keeps giving
> me the IOError: decoder jpeg not available error.

This means that PIL was built without JPEG support. You can try building
libjpeg and adding it to PIL. I'm not a Mac person so I can't help with the
details for that. On Windows, I just built libjpeg with its makefile, set
the location of the library and the headers in PIL's setup.py and rebuilt

Another option would be to avoid using JPEG images. If you need to read a
JPEG for Python Challenge, just convert it to another format with some other

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