[Image-SIG] can't open an image in ASP application

Herb Verbesey HVerbesey at carolina.rr.com
Wed Aug 12 02:13:05 CEST 2009

The following codes works fine when run directly in python:


import Image

if __name__ == '__main__':

    im = Image.open("e:\\wwwroot\\class59.jpg")

    print im.format, im.size, im.mode


However, when I try inserting the following code in an ASP page I get an
error that says, "im=Image.open("e:\\wwwroot\\class59.jpg") AttributeError:
'module' object has no attribute 'open'" 



import Image





When I do dir(Image) from the console I get

'FLIP_TOP_BOTTOM', 'FLOYDSTEINBERG', 'ID', 'Image', 'ImageMode',
'ImagePalette', 'IntType', 'LINEAR', 'MESH', 'MIME', 'MODES', 'NEAREST',
'ROTATE_180', 'ROTATE_270', 'ROTATE_90', 'SAVE', 'SEQUENCE', 'StringType',
'TupleType', 'UnicodeStringType', 'VERSION', 'WEB', '_E', '_ENDIAN',
'_ImageCrop', '_MAPMODES', '_MODEINFO', '_MODE_CONV', '__builtins__',
'__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '_conv_type_shape', '_getdecoder',
'_getencoder', '_getscaleoffset', '_imaging_not_installed', '_initialized',
'_showxv', '_wedge', 'blend', 'composite', 'core', 'eval', 'fromarray',
'frombuffer', 'fromstring', 'getmodebandnames', 'getmodebands',
'getmodebase', 'getmodetype', 'init', 'isDirectory', 'isImageType',
'isNumberType', 'isSequenceType', 'isStringType', 'isTupleType', 'merge',
'new', 'open', 'os', 'preinit', 'register_extension', 'register_mime',
'register_open', 'register_save', 'string', 'sys', 'warnings'] 


But when I put Response.write(str(dir(Image))) inside my server script I

['Image', '__builtins__', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__'] in reply

Any clue as to what I need to do to open the image in my server script?

Herb Verbesey



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