[Image-SIG] PIL JPEG-problem on a openSUSE 11.0 (X86-64)

Alwin M. Schronen ams at schronen.de
Sat Aug 29 20:25:08 CEST 2009

Hi from Germany,

I need your help.

I installed PIL without any mistakes on a openSUSE 11.0 (X86-64).
I tested it with PIL 1.1.4 - 1.1.5 and 1.1.6.
and Python 2.4.4. - 2.4.5.

I want to use it with ZOPE/Plone ...

PNG and GIF is ok - but JPEG-fotos are destroyed with stripes and 
I run the selftest.py - no problems.

Under the Python 2.5.2 of Suse there is no problem.

What shall I do???

Thanks from Germany
Alwin M.

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