[Image-SIG] Issues generating large PNGs

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Fri Jan 30 00:06:13 CET 2009

Hello all,

I tried to create a 17600x2400 pixel PNG in PIL.

The image appears wrong, and identify reports:

identify: Ignoring bad adaptive filter type `montage.png' @
identify: Extra compressed data `montage.png' @ png.c/PNGErrorHandler/1404.
identify: Corrupt image `montage.png' @ png.c/ReadPNGImage/2892.

If I change the output file to tif then everything works:

montage.tif TIFF 17600x2400 17600x2400+0+0 8-bit DirectClass 120.8mb

Is there an upper limit to the size of PNG files?


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