[Image-SIG] PIL build instructions are unclear

H David Goering hdg at cox.net
Fri Jul 3 09:08:42 CEST 2009

Re:	Freetype2-dev_2.1.3-22_darwin-i386
	Imaging 1.1.5
	Python 2.6.2
	Mac OS X 10.4.11
	Mac Mini Intel Core Duo

The build instructions for Imaging 1.1.5 dealing with Freetype2  
support are unclear.  I have attempted to follow the instructions in  
README and setup.py, but some requirements seem glossed over, and my  
attempts to guess at interpretations have failed.

In particular:

Instruction #3.  The Python installation is a fresh framework build,  
but no filenames including "python-devel" are found.  What does  
"probably" mean?  What does "or similar" mean?

Instruction #4:  I do not seem to have a Python extensions  
directory.  What would be a "suitable directory"?

Instruction #5:  What does "in-place" mean?  How can I tell if  
Freetype is properly installed?

setup.py documentation: what would be "well-known library location"  
for Freetype2?  What would a directory that is an appropriate value  
for FREETYPE_ROOT contain?

Any clarification is welcome.


David Goering

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