[Image-SIG] PIL thumbnail method

Elias Fotinis efotinis at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 19 09:21:30 CEST 2009

'size' already contains the thumbnail dimensions (set in line 1515), so I 
get the correct behavior here.

Are you perhaps using an older buggy library? 1.1.6 is the current stable 
and 1.1.7 is in the works.

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Subject: [Image-SIG] PIL thumbnail method

> Hi, I think there is a bug in thumbnail() method in PIL library.
> In line 1533 is:
> self.size = size
> in my opinion this should be:
> self.size = im.size
> becouse now after calling thumbnail() method on an image object when I
> want get dimentions of image(size property) i still gets old values,
> exactly the same like before thumbnail() calls.Realy should be like
> that?
> Michal
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