[Image-SIG] Patch: Better compression of png-images

Flynn Marquardt pil at flynnux.de
Tue Jul 28 12:16:42 CEST 2009

Am Montag, den 27.07.2009, 17:52 +0400 schrieb Alexey Borzenkov:
> Hi again,
> I found what was the real problem with Z_NO_FLUSH. The code was only
> checking that it ran out of output buffer, but when it does it can
> usually mean that not all input was deflated. However, when it enters
> ZipEncode next time, the data that was not deflated in the previous
> round is forgotten and discarded (by overwriting next_in), thus it was
> making holes in dicompressed data, which turned into corrupt png
> images. The following patch (I hope) fixes it properly:
I never got corrupt images, but I applied the attached patch anyway.

It seems to work and I hope this will go upstream.



P.S.: There is another size bloating feature in PIL: all palettes are
stored full size (usually 256 entries) instead only storing the real
used colors. This especially is a problem with pictures with only a few
colors, where then the palette is much bigger than the compressed data. 

Do you see any chance to fix this? I took alook, but it seems not so

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