[Image-SIG] Not clear about distributing header files

Larry Hajali larryhaja at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 02:26:26 CEST 2009


I've tried to find an answer for this by googling your mailing list and just
googling in general.  This has probably been asked before but I can't seem
to find a concisive answer to it.  Currently, I have PIL 1.1.6 installed
with the additional SANE module on Slackware.  When it came time to compile
swftools it complained that it couldn't find Imaging.h.  This header file
along with ImPlatform.h comes with PIL, which are needed to compile
swftools.  It seems to be looking for the header files in
/usr/inlclude/python$PYTHON_VERSION.  But when installing PIL to the system
I do not see a way the setup.py scripts include any of the header files.

My question is, what (if any) header files should be included so other
packages can compile against the PIL library?  As far as I can see,
Archlinux and Fedora include all header files from the libImage folder,
whereas Gentoo includes Imaging.h and ImPlatform.h (specifically for
sketch), and finally Ubuntu/Debian include Imaging.h, ImPlatform.h, and
ImDib.h (taken from the rules file in the debian subfolder included with
PIL).  As far as I can see, most, if not all, *.c files inluded with PIL use

Thank you,
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