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Ask Holme ask at jillion.dk
Mon Mar 2 20:45:30 CET 2009

Hey list

I'm sorry if your guys find my post rude - it wasn't meant that way!
i find PIL a great product, but when writing the post i might have been a
little bit fustrated.

I will post an example tomorrow, when i fetch it - i might note, that i
have made a solution with imagemagick (running via an perl-script since i
couldn't find working python bindings to magick wand) and that works

But i would like a native python solution - i'll upload examples tomorrow.

On Mon, Mar 2, 2009 at 8:04 PM, Charlie Clark <charlie at begeistert.org>wrote:

> Am 27.02.2009 um 19:09 schrieb Ask Holme:
>  Hey list
>> i have just tried using PIL to crop and resize CMYK images (with CMYK as
>> end result, no color mode conversion). I must say i was surprised how awfull
>> the result look. Even though PIL is not supposed to touch the color mode,
>> colors is totally fucked up in the modified image.
>> Is that because i'm doing something wrong or is the only solution simply
>> to switch to imagemagick if i want better CMYK support
> wow! As someone who normally appreciates informality on mailing lists and
> relishes in the triumph of the vernacular I found this a rude first post.
> Can you please provide some details as to what's gone so horribly wrong. I
> would be surprised if the problem is actually with PIL per se and not with
> one of the underlying C libraries.
> Charlie
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