[Image-SIG] [raclette] PyCMS now part of PIL

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Mon Mar 9 18:23:12 CET 2009

Kevin Cazabon has graciously donated his PyCMS library to PIL, and it
landed in the "raclette" tree yesterday.  The library will
automatically be built if you have LittleCMS on the machine
(www.littlecms.com).  The Python binding is now in PIL.ImageCms.

I'm still working on a tighter integration, but the module provides
the procedural PyCMS API (with a few enhancements; you can e.g. read
profiles from memory by passing in file objects instead of filenames).
 In other words, code written for pyCMS "should" still work if you
just change "import pyCMS" to

    import PIL.ImageCms as pyCMS

The internals are reworked, though, so code that rely on
implementation details, the exact phrasing of error messages (the PIL
version is less informative), or access to the pyCMSdll layer won't

If you want to help out testing the integration, you can pull the
current snapshot from


(either as a zip/tarball via the download link, or using "hg clone").

Cheers /F

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