[Image-SIG] [raclette] 1.1.7 status

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sat Mar 14 00:22:02 CET 2009

> It's the same fix as this one, right?

By the way, here's a rough version history for the current 1.1.7
snapshot available from here:


Let me know if I've missed some patch that absolutely should go into
1.1.7, or some bug that absolutely needs to be fixed.

cheers /F

=== changes in PIL 1.1.7 as of 2009-03-13 ===

Added version attributes to jpeg/zlib/littlecms/freetype bindings, for

Added (experimental) ImageCms function for fetching the ICC profile
for the current display (currently Windows only).

  Added HWND/HDC support to ImageCms.get_display_profile().

Added WMF renderer (Windows only).

Added ImagePointHandler and ImageTransformHandler mixins; made
ImageCmsTransform work with im.point.

Fixed potential endless loop in the XVThumbnail reader (from Nikolai

Added Kevin Cazabon's pyCMS package.

  The C code has been moved to _imagingcms.c, the Python interface
  module is installed as PIL.ImageCMS.

  Added support for in-memory ICC profiles.

  Unified buildTransform and buildTransformFromOpenProfiles.

  The profile can now be either a filename, a profile object, or a
  file-like object containing an in-memory profile.

  Additional fixes from Florian Böch:

    Very nice - it just needs LCMS flags support so we can use black
    point compensation and softproofing :) See attached patches.  They
    also fix a naming issue which could cause confusion - display
    profile (ImageCms wording) actually means proof profile (lcms
    wording), so I changed variable names and docstrings where
    applicable. Patches are tested under Python 2.6.

Improved support for layer names in PSD files (from Sylvain Baubeau)

  Sylvain writes: I needed to be able to retrieve the names of the
  layers in a PSD files. But PsdImagePlugin.py didn't do the job so I
  wrote this very small patch.

Improved RGBA support for ImageTk for 8.4 and newer (from Con Radchenko).

  This replaces the slow run-length based encoding model with true
  compositing at the Tk level.

Added support for 16- and 32-bit images to McIdas loader.

  Based on file samples and stand-alone reader code provided by Craig

Added ImagePalette support to putpalette.

Fixed problem with incremental parsing of PNG files.

Make selftest.py report non-zero status on failure (from Mark Sienkiewicz)

Add big endian save support and multipage infrastructure to the TIFF
writer (from Sebastian Haase).

Added zTXT support (from Andrew Kuchling via Lowell Alleman).

Fixed potential infinite loop bug in ImageFont (from Guilherme Polo).

Added sample ICC profiles (from Kevin Cazabon)

Fixed array interface for I, F, and RGBA/RGBX images.

Added Chroma subsampling support for JPEG (from Justin Huff).

  Justin writes: Attached is a patch (against PIL 1.1.6) to provide
  control over the chroma subsampling done by the JPEG encoder.  This
  is often useful for reducing compression artifacts around edges of
  clipart and text.

Added USM/Gaussian Blur code from Kevin Cazabon.

Fixed bug w. uninitialized image data when cropping outside the source image.

Use ImageShow to implement the Image.show method.

  Most notably, this picks the 'display' utility when available.  It
  also allows application code to register new display utilities via
  the ImageShow registry.

Release the GIL in the PNG compressor (from Michael van Tellingen).

Revised JPEG CMYK handling.

  Always assume Adobe behaviour, both when reading and writing (based on
  a patch by Kevin Cazabon, and test data by Tim V. and Charlie Clark).

Support for preserving ICC profiles (by Florian Böch via Tim Hatch).

  Florian writes:

  It's a beta, so still needs some testing, but should allow you to:
  - retain embedded ICC profiles when saving from/to JPEG, PNG, TIFF.
     Existing code doesn't need to be changed.
  - access embedded profiles in JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF.

  It also includes patches for TIFF to retain IPTC, Photoshop and XMP
  metadata when saving as TIFF again, read/write TIFF resolution
  information correctly, and to correct inverted CMYK JPEG files.

Fixed potential memory leak in median cut quantizer (from Evgeny Salmin).

Fixed OverflowError when reading upside-down BMP images.

Added resolution save option for PDF files.

  Andreas Kostyrka writes: I've included a patched PdfImagePlugin.py
  based on 1.1.6 as included in Ubuntu, that supports a "resolution"
  save option. Not great, but it makes the PDF saving more useful by
  allowing PDFs that are not exactly 72dpi.

Look for Tcl/Tk include files in version-specific include directory
(from Encolpe Degoute).

Fixed grayscale rounding error in ImageColor.getcolor (from Tim

Fixed truetype positioning when first character has a negative left
bearing (from Ned Batchelder):

  Ned writes: In PIL 1.1.6, ImageDraw.text will position the string
  incorrectly if the first character has a negative left bearing.  To
  see the problem, show a string like "///" in an italic font.  The
  first slash will be clipped at the left, and the string will be

Fixed resolution unit bug in tiff reader/writer (from Florian Höch,
Gary Bloom, and others).

Added simple transparency support for RGB images (reported by
Sebastian Spaeth).

Added support for Unicode filenames in ImageFont.truetype (from Donn

Fixed potential crash in ImageFont.getname method (from Donn Ingle).

Fixed encoding issue in PIL/WalImageFile (from Santiago M. Mola).

=== end ===

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