[Image-SIG] Python 3 support

Daniel Fetchinson fetchinson at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 19 21:43:37 CET 2009

>> The plan is to get 1.1.7 out of the door (early april) and then make a
>> version of that available for 3.x. There's also a preliminary port of
>> 1.1.6
>> available from a third party; see the mailing list archives for pointers.
> I hope to not cause even more confusion by replying here.
> I believe the preliminary port to 1.1.6 Fredrik is talking about is
> the one I provide. The link Cristi pointed also ends up pointing to my
> port, where he said that cloning the git repo fails for him. So I
> moved the git repo from my home to github today, you can clone it by
> doing: git clone git://github.com/gpolo/pil-py3k.git and to see the
> repo online you can visit: http://github.com/gpolo/pil-py3k

Actually, it turns out that the reason I could not check out your port
from the previous repo had to do with my laptop connection, proxies,
firewall, or what not. I could not check out from github either, but
when trying from another computer it all worked, so maybe your
previous repo would have worked either. Sorry about that.

Anyway, now I got the code and will start testing it over the weekend.


> Hopefully this makes easier for you all to use, test and make it perfect
> (:))
>> Cheers /F

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