[Image-SIG] PIL - Tiff problems

Andrew agagne at genome.med.harvard.edu
Mon May 4 16:08:15 CEST 2009

I've been having a problem with my tiff. When converting to a PNG or a 
JPEG the colors get messed up (black becomes white). I belive it has 
todo with the tiff being little endian. I noticed that in 1.1.7 the 
following was added to the change log.

    Added limited support for I;16L mode (explicit little endian).

Would someone be able to assist me in utilizing this? I've installed 
1.1.7 but am unsure of how to utilize this feature.

If i print information about the image this is what i see:

      im = Image.open("C:\\test\\test.tif")
      print im.format
      print im.mode
      print im.palette
      print im.info
      print im.getbands()


    {'resolution': (1, 1), 'compression': 'raw'}

I'm a novice at this, any help would be apprciated.

changelog for pil 1.1.7:

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