[Image-SIG] imaging c module is not installed

Andreas Briese andreas.briese at animcare-sci.de
Mon Sep 28 14:26:32 CEST 2009

Fredrik Lundh <fredrik at pythonware.com> writes:
>Did you solve this?  The problem can be that the resulting module is
>squirreled away somewhere where the test cannot find it.  What happens
>if you just fire up a Python interpreter and type:
>    import _imaging
>    _imaging.__file__
>If the former gives an ImportError, run Python with -v or -vv (two
>v:s) to make it log where it's actually looking for things, and then
>do the import again.

Dear Frederik,

thanks for your message.
I did not really solve the problem but brought my Mac back to work by
replacing the 2.6.2 python distribution with a binary version 2.6.1
that was compiled half ayear ago on a laptop using MacOsx 10.5.7. PIL
1.1.6 was within this replacement and i did another replacement with
the Tcl/Tk framework and binaries.

After that python 2.6.1. and PIL 1.1.6 worked again.

I've tried out to update on 2.6.2. with the current source
distribution again then. And again it won't work (same problem with
the imaging C module popped up, when i tried to install PIL 1.1.6 with
it) and python 2.6.2 seemed be broken again. i relaced it with the
2.6.1 python again, it worked and i decided not to touch it until 3.0
becomes stable and inevitable on MacOs ;- (

Agian thank you very much for your efforts.


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