[Image-SIG] PIL for Python 3.X?

lutz at rmi.net lutz at rmi.net
Sun Feb 21 14:53:22 CET 2010

(Having trouble getting in touch with Fredrik on short notice,
so I'm giving this list a shot).

Does anyone have a definitive answer on if/when PIL will become
available for Python 3.1?  It seems to have stalled last year.
Barring that, are there any reasonable and portable alternatives
for using jpegs in tkinter?  Either way, this needs to be an
official-type release, that can be used by the masses.

I'm updating the book Programming Python for 3.X (only), and 
it uses PIL extensively for image display, thumbnails, and the
like.  Using 2.X-compatible code for the PIL examples isn't
a great option; tkinter's naming/structure has changed much.
And I can't really use PIL at all if its 3.X future is unclear.

Unfortunately, I need a decision on PIL for 3.X in the next 
week or two due to book schedules (and can't work on a port
myself for the same reason).  My last resort is to use one 
of tk's native image formats and relegate PIL to a footnote.

--Mark Lutz

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