[Image-SIG] Where do these methods come from?

Philipp Bender lists at rootiniert.de
Thu Jan 21 13:28:42 CET 2010

Hi Nils,

> So what is happening here is that you convert the R, G and B bands to L
>  mode each on their own, and then merge the three L-mode images together
>  into a three-band RGB mode image.. which is indeed a color image pretty
>  indistinguishable from what you started with.

Thank you for this explanation, this sounds plausible for me. I converted to 
grayscale because I thought that this would be easier to deal with at the 
beginning (just need to calculate with one value instead of three and so on) 
but if each band is processed individually this makes it much easier for me 
because I don't have to care what mode the image has.

Thank you, best regards,
Philipp Bender

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