[Image-SIG] How to divide a scanned image with multiple photos

Franz Buchinger fbuchinger at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 10:13:28 CET 2010

I scan up to 5 photos at once with my flatbed scanner (i.e. a single image
file containing the whole scan area is created) and I want PIL to dump out
each photo into an individual file.
I know that similar plugins exist for GIMP, but as I am using this in a
server-side Python project, I want to avoid GIMP and its dependencies.

The script should also offer an info mode that reports the coordinates of
the detected photos and one mode that performs the subdivision based on
user-submitted parameters.
The reason for this: eventually I will create an HTML/Javascript GUI that
allows the user to fine-tune the auto-detected photos.

I already considered OpenCV as a potential PIL companion for this scenario,
but I couldn't find a suitable sample script that I could start with.

Any hints?

kind regards,

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