[Image-SIG] BUG? PIL does not recognise alpha channel in attached png file

Root root at smithpolglase.com
Tue Jan 26 06:00:13 CET 2010


The attached image shows an alpha channel when viewed with gimp or eog, 
but not when loading with PIL (version 1.1.6-3ubuntu1 as supplied with 
Ubuntu Karmic AMD64 Desktop):

 >>> import Image
 >>> im = Image.open("seabreeze.png")
 >>> print im.format
 >>> print im.size
(599, 264)
 >>> print im.mode

When I save the file using im.save(), and then open with gimp or eog, 
the alpha channel is removed (to be expected given that the mode is read 
as RGB).

Is this is a bug?

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