[Image-SIG] Pillow, the "friendly" PIL fork

Alex Clark aclark at aclark.net
Sat Jul 31 08:52:25 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I have been wanting to tackle this for sometime, and finally got around to
it tonight. I've created a "friendly" fork of PIL called "Pillow":

Some background: I've been doing Plone development for the past 5 years or
so, and PIL has always "been an issue". I won't get into what the issues are
now, but I assume folks know them.

By "friendly" fork, I mean, I don't wish any ill-will towards the author
(thank you Fredrik, for such a wonderful package!), and developer community.
I am just trying to gauge what the reaction to the fork will be, and if any
progress can be made toward solving "the issues".

(It's almost 3:00AM here, I will clarify further, I just wanted folks to be
aware of my actions.)

If nothing else, please consider this an experiment and/or educational

Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts,


Alex Clark · http://aclark.net
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